The Johnson County Junior Sheriff's Posse Welcomes You!

2019 Awards Banquet Update

I plan on placing the buckle order this coming Monday. I have placed a list below of how everyone that qualified ended up for the year. If your name is not on the list you are still missing something, at this point, you have had ample time to take care of it. If there is a discrepancy, please call Amber (817) 774-8465. In addition to the buckles, I will be working on getting the rest of the awards ordered.

As soon as I have a completion date for all of the awards we will get the banquet scheduled. It is normally in early November, but if we get everything back before then we will have it sooner. It will be at the White Building at the Senior Posse in the evening sometime.

Greg Watson will be preparing all the food, so we know it will be delicious! Members will eat free, but all others will be charged at the door. This is just to help cover the cost of the food. Adults will be $10 and children will be $8.

If there is anyone who would like to help with anything please let me know. We will need help cleaning and setting up for the banquet as well as taking it all down. I am sure Greg could use some help with the food as well.

We had a great year, I can't wait for all the kids to get their awards that they have worked so hard for!

If you have any questions please either call or send a message!

Thank you,


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About the J.C.J.S.P.

The Johnson County Junior Sheriff's Posse is a youth organization with membership open to riders 18 years of age and under that reside in Johnson County, Texas or any bordering county.

We welcome riders of all experience levels and strive to always offer a family friendly environment. Playday events consist of goat tying, poles, barrels, flags and straight barrels. We also offer leadline for those that are 6 and under who are not riding on their own yet. Leadline classes consist of barrels, flags and straight barrels and are done on a smaller pattern. Age groups are split between boys and girls and are as follows: 6 & under ride-in, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, and 16-18. 

Members are eligible to compete in both the playday and roping events. All events are held at the Johnson County Sheriff's Posse Rodeo Grounds at 1315 South Main, Cleburne, TX 76031. Roping events are scheduled separately from the playday events.

Previous members who did not attend the annual sign up meeting may still sign up prior to the 1st playday with no point penatlies. If you choose to wait until the 1st playday your child will not receive points for that playday. All first time members may sign up at any playday with no point penalties.

For more information on our upcoming 2019 season please contact Susan Akey (817)487-2103 or Amber Bransom (817)774-8465.

Updates are always posted on the Facebook page as well, the page name is Johnson County Jr Sheriffs Posse. 

2019 Playday Dates

Rules Meeting: 01/17/2019

Sign-up Meeting: 01/24/2019






06/22/2019**Makeup** Leadline will start at 5 p.m., playday at 6 p.m.

07/06/2019 Leadline will start at 5 p.m., playday at 6 p.m.

07/20/2019 Leadline will start at 5pm, playday at 6 p.m.

Start times: Leadline 9:00 a.m., playday will start after the leadline class ends, but no sooner than 10:00 a.m.

 Due to the heat summer playdays are subject to be changed to later start times with leadline starting at 5 p.m. and the playday to follow at 6 p.m. 

 Always check the Johnson County Jr. Sheriff's Posse Facebook page for changes and updates.

Practice Nights

Every Monday night from 7-9 p.m. 

Please check the Junior Posse Facebook page for cancellations.

Cleburne Youth Rodeo

July 31 - August 3, 2019

Mandatory: Must sign up to work 3 events

Cleburne Youth Rodeo ad sales due by: July 6, 2019

Year-end Awards Banquet

Date to be determined




Big news --- We have extended our membership border to include counties that border Johnson County! This means if you reside in a bordering county you are now eligible to become a member

JCJSP Princess and Sweetheart Contest

We have decided to split the age groups since there has been more interest this year. 

Princess age 12-17 & Sweetheart age 6-11

See the 2018 Royalty menu tab for more information.

Competition date to be determined.

Additional Sign Up Information

If you are a first-time member your points will count at the first play-day you attend. All current members must sign-up at the membership sign-up meeting held on 1-24-2019. First time members can sign-up at any time. After the 3rd playday, March 30, 2019, points/awards will not be received. NO EXCEPTIONS!

You must sign-up and pay for at least five of the seven play-days and participate in at least four of the play-days to qualify for year-end awards. Additionally, must ride in a minimum of three events per play-day.

A Note from the Coggins Director

A current, negative copy of Coggins papers for any horse brought on the Sheriff's Posse grounds must be provided to the playday secretary by the second Playday attended.  

***Please clearly write the participant's name at the top of the copy to receive credit***

Horses are NOT allowed on the Johnson County Sheriff's Posse Rodeo Grounds without a current negative Coggins certificate. Each member is responsible for providing the JCJSP with a copy of every horse to be used throughout the year.

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